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  Trademark Center provides U.S. and international trademark search, registration and watch services. With more than fifteen years of experience in trademark research, our tradmark attorneys we have the expertise and know how to correctly service your trademark needs.

Comprehensive Trademark Research
Comprehensive Federal, State and common law sources.  
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Attorney preparation and registration under representation by an experienced trademark attorney  
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Monitor your trademark from newly filed applications  
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Legal assistance to stop infringement  






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Since 1995
For over 15 years, Trademark Center has been the trusted leader in research and registration services by our experienced trademark attorneys.

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"Our company was incredibly impressed with the professional service provided by Trademark Center. Their staff was very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. I highly recommend Trademark Center to others seeking to research and register their trademark."
  -Jason Oliver


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Trademark Center is associated with Patel & Almeida P.C. which is a law firm located in Los Angeles, CA and provides trademark search and registration services globally. Patel & Almeida P.C. was founded by trademark attorney Alex Patel, who has over 12 years of experience in trademark law. Patel & Almeida, P.C provides services including, trademark registrations, trademark searches, trademark monitoring, oppositions and cancellations, and international trademark registrations