Trademark Oppositions, Cancellations, and Appeals

Before a trademark application can register, it must first be published to give others an opportunity to object to the registration of an application if they believe such registration could cause them harm. Moreover, after an application is registered, others may cancel a trademark registration for up to five years. On a more limited basis, a registration can be cancelled after the five year period, for example, if it was procured by fraud or if it has become generic.

We have been involved in hundreds of oppositions, cancellations, and appeals and have successfully represented our clients against dozens of multinational corporations. Because these proceedings can costs thousands of dollars, we seek to minimize the costs as much as possible, while still giving our clients the benefit of our years of experience.

If you would like us to review a matter before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, please contact us at 800-705-9600 or use our consultation form.