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  International Trademark Registration  

We offer affordable international filing services by our experienced trademark attorneys. Our trademark registration services includes attorney preparation, registration under representation and legal follow up.


International Application Preparation


A U.S. trademark registration extends only to the United States and its territories.  If you intend to use your trademark outside the United States, you may wish to seek trademark registration in other countries.  We have established relationships with law firms around the world and have filed hundreds of foreign trademark applications since 2003, including dozens of international trademark applications filed through the Madrid Protocol system (WIPO) since 2005.

Based on an assessment of your needs, we can determine whether or not it is prudent for you to file directly in foreign countries using foreign counsel or through the less expensive Madrid Protocol filing system.

Our international services include:

  • Monthly follow-up report via e-mail on the status of each and every mark pending.
  • Timely responses to clerical office actions included with initial registration fees.
  • Referrals to multiple local attorney’s should a litigation situation arise.
  • Flat Fee rates for unopposed trademarks. If a litigation situation arises, you will be quoted a fair price and a complete description of the additional services required and provided.
  • All lump sum prices already include disbursements, such as fax costs, courier costs, copies, digital photos, currency exchange, etc.
  • We take care of all the details such as foreign draft orders, legalization, notarization, etc. on your behalf.





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